Dive and Snorkel Trips for All

Charters On Namaka

All charters include tanks and weights

Join us on Namaka, our 46’ coast guard certified custom-built Newton Dive Special. We are licensed for 49 passengers or 18 divers.  In the water we have no more than 6 divers per guide. We like to keep it personal and comfortable for everyone.


The sites we visit range from 15 to 80 feet on a gently sloping reef. Our sites are ideal for any and all levels of experience and we welcome certified divers, advanced certified divers, snorkelers and students. Once aboard Namaka you are just one giant stride away from a truly amazing ocean experience!


  • Two heated freshwater showers

  • Private head (that’s a toilet for you land lovers)

  • Two easy boarding ladders

  • Freshwater rinse tank and table for cameras

  • Upper and lower deck seating

  • Extensive marine life library

  • Snacks and beverages included

  • An eager crew to assist with all gear donning and entry/exits

Dive Packages & Discounts:

Book with us on three or more charters and get 10% off all of your diving. All dives after completing open water certification with us are 10% off.


Certified Divers:

*Divers are required to bring their certification card. If you can’t find your card please call us in advance to do a search online for your card. Divers without a certification card will be required to do a discover course or join as a snorkeler. 

*Divers must be able to speak, read and understand English. Due to the important information given by crew this is necessary for safety.

*Divers with a rating below OW level such as scuba divers or JR open water divers limited to a 40’ dive depth are welcome to join the charter at the price listed  for their level. The higher price is to ensure proper crewing with stricter guiding limits. 

*Certified divers that have not dove in over a year are strongly encouraged to take a refresher course in the pool before their dive day. We also offer an option of a private guide which can serve as a great refresher option.

Reservations & Cancelation Policy:

Call ahead to make reservations at (808) 882-7774. We will need a credit card to hold your reservation. We require 48 hour advance notice on any cancellation. There is a full charge on any cancellation made less than 24 hours before your scheduled charter.

Daily 2 Tank Dive Trip

This is our most popular charter. Conditions are generally calmest in the morning so we meet at 7:30 am, do two relaxing dives with an hour surface interval, and return between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

PADI Scuba Diver (limited to 40 ft) or JR Certified 10-11years old Diver ($225)

*Requires Certification. Please provide proof of certification at check-in.


1 Tank Afternoon Dive

If you are short on time or here on business but just have to get wet, we can accommodate! We meet at 1:30pm and return around 4pm. This will wet your appetite to come again!

PADI Scuba Diver (limited to 40 ft) or JR Certified 10-11years old diver ($185)

*Requires Certification. Please provide proof of certification at check-in.


2 Tank Ocean Exploration Advanced Dive Trip

Every Sunday (other days by request). This exclusive trip is for the diver that’s done it all in Hawaii and is ready for more. Come explore with us. Go to less charted territory and see what’s out there to discover in North Kohala. Meet at 2pm and explore a new dive area by drift or mooring diving in a new direction. Your 2nd dive is an uncrowded, unpredictable reef dusk dive which is a really awesome time of the day to see fish shifting gears from day to night. Small groups of no more than 4 divers per guide and a maximum of 12 make this a unique, customized underwater experience. Enjoy sunset as the boat returns around 7:30 PM.

To join this dive you must:

  • Be a certified diver with 20 logged dives and have dove with us on our morning two tank dive trip in the last 18 months.
  • Feel comfortable going to a maximum depth of 120 feet.
  • Be comfortable diving through lava tubes.
  • Be able to ascend and descend without a mooring line.

*Requires Certification. Please provide proof of certification at check-in.


2 Tank Afternoon / Night Dive Trip

We start with a twilight dive and watch as the daytime shift scurries around and traffic-jams with others that are getting ready to call it a day. After a surface interval, we return to see the different world the ocean becomes in darkness! Starting between 3:30 and 4:30pm seasonally. Small groups of 4 divers per guide. (By request or check our calendar for upcoming scheduled full moon night dives!) *Requires Certification. Please provide proof of certification at check-in.


1 Tank Night Dive

All the fun of night time exploration in one dive excursion. (Times vary seasonally) *Requires Certification. Please provide proof of certification at check-in.


Snorkel or Ride Along

(includes equipment)
A really great way to get out on the boat and get lots of time in the water! Dolphins are commonly sighted along with seasonal Humpback whales (Dec-May). Join us on any charter.


Seasonal Whale Watching

The Kohala Coast is THE spot for whale watching as they are breeding and birthing in the many shallow bays. This show is spectacular and not to be missed! Call for availability from January to May.


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Private Charters

Namaka can be chartered privately with captain, crew, and all amenities, equipment and guides included.


5 Hour Morning Dive Snorkel Cruise $3500

2 1/2 Hour Afternoon Dive Snorkel Cruise $2000

Sunset Cruise $2500

Ash Scatter - Call for options


Have an idea for a private charter on Namaka? Contact us and let us help put it together for you. We can recommend caterers, florist, musicians and more to make your day unforgettable. See what some other guests have done on Namaka in this photo gallery.


Private Guide

PRICE $425 (includes one diver)

It may be a great idea to have a private guide if you:

  • Want a customized tour of the site at your experience level (advanced or beginner)

  • Want to do a dive focusing only on 1 type of photography (Ex.  Macro, new camera settings)

  • Need to refresh your dive skills and work on buoyancy and proper weighting or just want more one on one personal attention

  • Send a diver who is under 18 without a parent or guardian

  • Have limitations that set your dive ability at stricter limits than traditional dives

Manta Ray Night Dive


The Kona Kohala Coast is well known for its healthy population of manta rays. The mantas have been tracked extensively and it has been found that they travel mainly up and down the coast as far north as Black point. They are known to feed at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel as well as “manta heaven” and “manta village” both in Kailua Kona. Because of their constant need to swim and feed, mantas can be seen anywhere along the coast day or night. The most consistent place to watch their night time feeding behavior is in the Kona area. The site that is used to observe their feeding behavior is a bit too far south to be in the Kohala Diver range. If you would like to experience this dive, we are happy to arrange a boat for you and set everything up. Please inquire if you would like to add the manta experience to your dive package. 


Boat-Charter Gear:


Our $42 Scuba-Combo rental package includes your BC, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit.



We offer Nitrox for $16 per tank on any charter.


SEA LIFE Camera Rentals:

Rent a digital underwater camera with a strobe and take home a CD of your own pictures! $45






The dive instructors and boat crew do rely on tips to supplement their income. Working on a scuba boat requires investing in extensive and expensive training, equipment and insurance. In the tourism business, retail prices don’t leave a lot left to pay more than subsistence income for instructors and boat crew. Please support the highly trained staff so they can continue to provide a safe and outstanding scuba dive experience on the Big Island. Here is a basic, industry-wide guideline for tipping: http://gohawaii.about.com/od/traveltips/a/tipping-in-hawaii.htm


"I loved every minute diving with these guys"