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Kohala Divers is a 5 Star PADI Dive Center that has been certifying divers of all levels since 1984. Let our enthusiastic, professional PADI instructors help you take your first addictive breaths underwater, or further your love for the sport with an Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, photography, or Divemaster class.

What is PADI?

PADI stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.


Why should I choose the PADI system?

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most dive adventures you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected diver training organization.


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Why Learn to Dive?

To Escape, Explore and Experience our underwater world! See what you've been missing. Learn to dive in Hawaii with Kohala Divers. The water is warm and clear on the Kohala Coast.


No Certification Required!

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No certification required!

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course - Our Most Popular!

Discovering the sport of Scuba is an amazing and life changing experience. At Kohala Divers, your safety is our first priority and our ratios are set so that you have full supervision by a highly trained professional the entire time. We welcome kids and families to experience Scuba and you can trust our conservative practices and 30 + years of experience when choosing us to get PADI instruction from Discover Scuba and beyond.


Pool Discover Scuba Course  Ages 10 and up  $90


Try Scuba in the comfort of a 10 foot deep pool environment. Take your first breaths underwater and experience your new passion. Your PADI Pro Instructor will give you an introduction to the basics of Scuba theory followed by pool time to get comfortable underwater, have fun and learn what you’ll need to join an ocean excursion. You can also apply this session to go on to get certified.

Pool Discover Scuba can be followed by these ocean experiences:

Morning Options:

1 Tank Ocean Boat Dive / 1 Site Snorkel

2:1 with a Buddy and Your Instructor Ages 18 and up $275
1:1 with Private Instructor  Ages 10 and up  $325

Use the skills you’ve learned in the pool and join your pro instructor on 1 shallow water ocean dive and a self guided snorkel at another site. Your instructor will help you gain confidence underwater while showing you the enchantment of scuba diving in the open ocean.

Diving as a family?

Up to 2 experienced certified scuba divers can join you and your instructor for 50% off regular dive rates.


Afternoon Options:

1 Tank Ocean Dive

2:1 Ages 18 and up $175

1:1 with Private Instructor  Ages 10 and up  $275

Use the skills you’ve learned in the pool and join your pro instructor on 1 shallow water ocean dive. Your instructor will help you gain confidence underwater while showing you the enchantment of scuba diving in the open ocean.

Diving as a family?

Up to 2 experienced certified scuba divers can join you and your instructor for 50% off regular dive rates.

Private Guides, Specialty Courses & Refreshers


Want a truly unique diving experience? Try diving with a private guide and focus on what you want to. A private guide can allow a nervous or rusty diver to feel more confident. It can give a photographer a chance to set the dive up as a macro dive or go for specific shots. It can also just allow for an exclusive dive experience with your own underwater pro.


Hire a Private Guide $325 to $425

(Per Dive Trip)

Want someone to join you and your guide? They will pay as a regularly priced diver and you can invite them in your group.


Want to Expand Into a Specialty Certification?

Want to expand on an underwater interest while enjoying great dives? Completing a specialty course of your choice is a great way to learn expertise in unique areas of diving. We offer all of our specialty classes with a private instructor for a truly unique learning experience. Simply complete online learning or book work for specialty training of choice and then book your dive with a private instructor for as many days needed.  Want to have a friend join you? They can join you and your guide for a regular diver price plus the price of certification processing through PADI.


Underwater Naturalist

(2 Dives 1 Boat Day)

Get in depth education on reef structure, marine animal interaction, ecology and techniques on preserving our delicate aquatic world. Order the best Hawaii books for naturalists here…


Aware Fish Identification

(2 Dives 1 Boat Day)

Become a fish geek like us! Learn how to identify different fish families, or spend time identifying Hawaiian endemics. This is a great way to add more excitement and understanding to every dive.

Order your Hoovers fish book here…


Peak Performance Buoyancy

(2 Dives 1 Boat Day)

This is one of the best courses you can take to help improve air consumption while increasing your positive interaction with the environment. Learn optimal buoyancy skills by examining your breathing techniques, learning proper weighting, and varying your kicks depending on your environment. This course can include playing with hula hoops and exploring lava tubes.


Deep Diver

(4 Dives 2 Boat Days)

Learn how to safely explore the depths of the ocean, witness the exciting sea life that dwells over 5 atmospheres away, and experience nitrogen narcosis under the watchful eye of an Instructor. Maximum depth 130 ft. Computer provided.

Night Diver

(3 Dives 3 Boat Days)

You will be addicted once you try a single night dive so why not make it a specialty! Learn about night time navigation and communication as well as all those weird critters that emerge only after dark!


Search and Recovery

(4 Dives 2 Boat Days)

Learn the valuable skills of search patterns, compass use and practice with lift bags. Ask about pairing this with the deep diving course to work towards Divemaster certification.

Underwater Digital Photography

Also available as an E-Learner Course >>>
(2 Dives 1 Boat Day)

Digitally capture your underwater moments and share them with friends. Getting that great shot will keep you diving for years. Your instructor will share great u/w photo tips, will help acquaint you with the cameras u/w features, will give you imaging ideas and will even help you edit and burn a CD of your images! No photography experience necessary. Use your own camera or rent ours.

Re-activate your PADI scuba certifications

Dive Refresher/ Reactivate

If it’s been a while since you’ve been diving it is a smart idea to refresh your skills before you jump in. You will enjoy your time underwater more if you feel confident. We offer a range options depending on your needs and time available.


Reactivate for PADI Divers $290 plus PADI Reactivate

The ReActivate™ program is the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge and skills from the PADI Open Water Diver Course before jumping back into the water. If you are a PADI certified Diver you will get a certification card showing that you are reactivated. Complete online PADI reactivate course here…..  Then join your instructor for a pool session followed by 2 ocean dives in a group (of 6 or less) supervised by a divemaster or instructor. 


Refresher for any Certified Diver $290

Join our refresher pool session where you will practice gear assembly, basic dive skills and buoyancy control. Then join us for a 2 tank boat dive in a group (of 6 or less) led by an instructor or dive master.


Pool Refresher Only $90

Join us for a pool session to sharpen your skills or to try diving for the first time.  




Must Have Forms


*To enroll in any dive courses you must fill out a medical questionnaire (Download Medical Form PDF). If any answers on the medical survey are “yes” we must have a signed doctor’s statement that you are medically fit to Scuba dive before participating.

Online training and certification for scuba
Online scub a certification courses

Save precious vacation time by completing your academics online!


Sign up for eLearning now!

Click on any course below for more information.


PADI elearning or touch Open Water Certification Course

$ 595* includes elearn crewpack and all equipment

This course is your entry into the world of SCUBA. Learn all the basics of diving and become confident in a variety of underwater situations. Learn about the equipment and dive theory. Your certification is good for life, is accepted world wide and allows you to move on to more advanced dive training. (Includes all training materials and use of equipment)


Download Detailed PDF

PADI Open Water Referral

$ 495

After completing academics and confined water with a referring instructor, we will take you through the open water portion of the course with 4 fun filled boat dives!

PADI Advanced Open Water and Adventures

$ 675*

This course is all about becoming a more confident diver as you sharpen your current dive skills and learn a few new ones. By the end of this course we guarantee you’ll love diving even more than you already do! The course requires a deep dive and a navigation dive, but then you get to choose 3 elective dives to complete the course.

• Aware Fish I.D

• Boat

• Drift

• Computer

• Night

• Enriched Air Dive

• Peak Performance Buoyancy

• Underwater Naturalist

• Underwater Photography (our favorite!!)


Download Detailed PDF

Adventure Diver Certification

$ 495

The adventures in diving program is good for the diver that either doesn’t have the time to complete the whole advanced open water course, is under 12 years old or just wants to expand their diving interests. Certification includes three of the elective dives above.

Rescue Diver Course

$ 697

This might be the most valuable dive course you can take. Learn how to be a safer, smarter diver, how to avoid problem situations, and how to deal with them if they should occur. This course is a fantastic confidence-builder and is a great course to do with your dive buddy!


*Requires current First Aid and CPR training.


(Check out our Emergency First Response course in the right column)

Enriched Air "Nitrox" Certification


Why get certified for enriched air? The benefits include longer allowable bottom times, more flexibility in dive profiles and surface intervals, less nitrogen consumption, and you get a really cool green and yellow band around your tank! This course doesn’t include dives but of course you will want to dive some enriched air after certification

Optional 2 dives @10% off regular price

Divemaster Course


This challenging course brings you to a professional level of SCUBA. It can open up a world of employment opportunities (where your swim suit is your uniform) or just make you a more independent, self reliant diver! Sign up for elearning to complete your academics and then have our seasoned instructors show you the ropes of going pro! Call for scheduling.

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Get Certified

Earn your PADI Open Water Certification with Kohala Divers. Kohala Divers is a 5 star PADI training facility and caters to local residents and visitors to earn worldwide recognized dive certifications. Our commitment is to a safe and fun learning environment and cleaner oceans. We donate a portion of every certification we process to project aware to keep our seas healthy!!


* Cost of course after elearning is paid to PADI

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