Women’s Dive Day 2019

Even though to us every day is women’s dive day at Kohala Divers we are still excited to celebrate this annual event. This year we’d like to get as many women who are interested in giving scuba diving a try a chance to experience this serene and relaxing activity at their own pace.


Date July 20th 2019

Try Diving

Discover Scuba diving pool and 1 tank ocean boat dive for $99 (regular price $235)



8:30 AM Meet  at Kohala Divers. Fill out paperwork see medical form here (padi medical form attach)

Follow or ride with instructor to the private 10foot deep training pool.

The discover scuba course will include an education session where you will learn the basics you need for a successful dive with your instructor. After a verbal presentation your instructor will help you learn the basic skills of diving in a pool at your pace.

After you’ve mastered some basic skills and gotten a level of comfort come back to the shop and have a lunch break. 1:30 PM -Join your PADI instructors on the boat for a fun ocean dive. Friends want to join you on the boat?

Snorkelers are welcome on the boat at a cost of $90.

Certified divers are welcome at a cost of $99

Pool lesson only with no boat $45


Certified Divers

Certified divers can join our morning 2 tank dive trip and be prepared to be spoiled! Boat diving is always a luxury but especially on Women’s dive day. All of the ladies get a lei at check in. We will serve special indulgent treats between dives and have a selection of sparkly beverages on board. We will visit two wonderful dive sites where our experienced dive crew will cater to you to make the day as relaxing as it is fun and exciting.  All are welcome to join the celebration for women’s dive day so bring your friends, family or significant others.


Get Certified in Time for Women’s Dive Day

Join us for a special class to be ready to dive as a certified diver for women’s dive day. 25% off certification

This weekend class is perfect for island residents!! This class will be set at a relaxed pace and our patient instructors will be ready to help you learn to love the diving and be a confident certified diver!



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